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Advantages of plugging and unplugging terminals
- Nov 02, 2018 -

1. Large wiring capacity, can adapt to various wiring requirements.

2. The crimping frame and the welding pin are mechanically decoupled, that is, since the clamping frame and the welding pin are not integrated, the torque when the screw is tightened is not transmitted to the soldering point.

3. The welding pin has a quadrangular shape, and the end portion shrinks and becomes thinner. When the welding hole is inserted, the contact area is increased, and the solder liquid is easily dissolved into the welding hole, which is not easy to be soldered.

4. The welding pin is made of copper alloy, and the welding pin has no dirt to ensure the long-term reliability of the welding.

5. Tin-plated solder pins for easy soldering.

6. With cooling channel.

7. The end of the welding pin shrinks and is easy to install.

The plug-in terminal block series combines an easy-to-operate pluggable connection with a rugged, universal screw for easy connection of various parts.