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Application of PCB terminal blocks in the field of electroplating
- Nov 02, 2018 -

It provides industrial high-efficiency switching power supplies and is ideal for electrical cabinets, self-control cabinets, power stations, HVAC and process control applications.

Including straight-through terminals, terminal blocks, multi-layer terminals, fuse-type terminals, disconnected terminals, thermocouples and experimental terminals, all terminals have seismic characteristics, software design and anti-corrosion treatment and contact protection design.

Safety Relays - Modular safety systems can be used for all safety sensor control in the industry. Just buy the modular safety relay you need, set your safety equipment in front of the panel, and add more flexibility without programming software. More safety relay products.

Simplification of installation and maintenance equipment in industrial applications, PCB modular modular flex system allows users to flexibly select connectors to meet the specific needs of the system.

RSTIP+ connector - Ideal for use in towers, PCB terminals can be routed anywhere to meet high protection.