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Outdoor terminal box moisture protection measures
- Nov 02, 2018 -

1. When designing and selecting the switch terminal box, the outdoor terminal box should be fully considered to be rainproof, moisture proof, high temperature resistant and low temperature resistant, and the convenience of inspection and operation should be reasonably considered. Design a rain cover on top of the terminal box.

2. Install a sealing strip on the terminal box. If the sealing strip is damaged, it should be disposed of in time. Check for water in the terminal box.

3. Open the venting hole on the side of the terminal box, so that the convection wind can be formed in the terminal box to reduce the temperature and ensure the internal components of the box are dry. However, measures such as rain prevention and small animals should be taken.

4. Install automatic dehumidification device (EP-600) in the terminal box to discharge the moisture in the terminal box in time to effectively reduce the condensation phenomenon and avoid the moisture of the terminal box.