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Key Points For Marking Terminals And Specific Conductors
- Nov 02, 2018 -

Straight or indirect connection of terminal blocks to specific conductors shall be marked in accordance with the specified letter. Among them, the terminals connected to the casing or the frame and the equipotential terminals can be marked with these letters only when they are not equipotential with the protective grounding wire or the grounding wire. What should be noted when marking the following small-sized terminal blocks? :

(a) The number of the endpoints in the middle of a single piece is a natural hand-number that is greater than the point of the two ends, and is marked from outside the endpoint of the smaller number.

(2) The two endpoints of a single component shall be marked with two consecutive digits, and the odd number shall be less than the even number.

(3) When the same component group is marked with the same letter, it shall be distinguished by a number in front of the letter.

(d) When several similar components are grouped together, each terminal block may be alphanumeric or digitally marked.