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The Classification And Application Of The Button Of The Pot
- Nov 02, 2018 -

First, the pressing pressure is about 50-80g. Generally, it is suitable for the silicone button of computer keyboard and calculator button. The pressing pressure of this range is not high, it is low, it is easy to press, suitable for the silicone button that needs to be clicked frequently.

Second, the pressing pressure is about 80-120g, generally suitable for electrical buttons, remote control buttons, pressing pressure, comfortable feel, and good resilience.

Third, the pressure is 120-180g, generally suitable for audio equipment, industrial equipment, mechanical remote control, pressing pressure is much larger than the second one, generally suitable for relatively large silicone buttons, the resilience is also superior, but not Suitable for products with frequent clicks.

Fourth, according to the pressure of 180g or more, generally this type of pressure-sensitive silicone button is relatively rare, suitable for special industries, such as medical, aviation and other industries.