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Dongguan BOSI Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd.

German craftsmanship, rapid proofing, non-standard customization, high accuracy

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Designing Ability

Production Period

Equipment Exhibition

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Service System

Bosi adheres to the business philosophy of "speed and passion, quality first", gaining insight into industry customers,

Changes in user needs and the pain points of non-standard custom industries——

The timeliness of delivery during the development period, the precision of the first sample and the high cost.

B0SI imported the most advanced miniature controllable precision bending machine from Germany.

We have also independently developed a CRM online pricing and ordering platform.

The excitement will continue to be staged...


  • 1
    Speed up delivery, except for special processes
  • 2
    The price drops straight, and there is no need to open molds for small quantity
  • 3
    Quality assurance, system management, complete certification
  • 4
    Raw material guarantee, strict inspection of all raw materials

Designing Ability

Sample Tyle Quantity(pcs) Delivery (Days)
1 Shield Case 1-100 3-5
2 Metal Shrapnel 1-100 2-6
3 Battery Contact 1-100 3-5
4 Metal Bracket 1-100 3-5

Production Period

Product Type Sample(day) Tooling(day) Production
shield Case 1 7 3-5
Terminal 3 12 3-5
Metal shrapnel 1 12 3-5
Metal Bracket 3 7 3-5
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Equipment Exhibition

  • Germany CNC MINI Bending Machine

  • Precision Grinder

  • High Pressure Punch

  • Japan BOBBY

  • CNC Equipment

  • Taiwan Liye

  • Vickers Hardness Tester

  • Projector

Our Service
1.We can provide customers with free design changes;;
2.All customer questions will be answered within 1 hour;;
3.Provide size inspection and ROSH report for all products
required by customers.
1.Our company is not responsible for time delays caused by incomplete information or failure to provide timely information
2.Our company is not responsible for the final loss caused by the customer due to the wrong information provided
3.Our company is not responsible for the loss caused by the failure of the customer to check and confirm the final design data
4.Due to the untimely confirmation of the customer, our company has the right to postpone the delivery of the project