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How to correctly mount the manual soldering points of shielding components

Dongguan Bosi Hardware has been focusing on R&D and production of precision shielding covers for 12 years. How to make the high-quality shielding covers produced by us well mounted on the PCB board is also knowledgeable. The following is a detailed explanation of how to correctly mount the shielding cover element. Manu……


Reasons for the high rejection rate of shields

Dongguan's hardware industry is relatively developed, and there are many manufacturers of shielding covers. However, when many manufacturers produce shielding covers, the scrap rate is often too high. In this case, profits may be compressed, and orders may also be placed. If you can't finish it, you will lose money. Th……


How to select materials for automotive precision stamping parts?

Automotive precision stamping parts are metal auto parts, some of which are directly used in automobiles and require corresponding process processing to become auto parts. The choice of stamping parts will directly affect the life and quality of parts. The following editor will show you how to select materials for auto……


Shenzhen shielding cover manufacturers: several reasons that affect the quality of shielding cover products

Many shielding covers are in the same industry, and they are very depressed to see that other hardware manufacturers produce products with a high pass rate, but their own factories are very low. In addition, there will be a situation where the scrap rate is too high. When the scrap rate is high, it will not only increa……


Dongguan shielding cover manufacturers: how to judge whether the shielding cover manufacturers are legitimate?

In the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the mobile phone industry is relatively developed. There are many manufacturers of shielding covers, and different brands of shielding covers have also been formed. So, faced with so many brands, how do purchasers choose a Shenzhen shielding cover manufacturer with a g……


Recommend a reliable shield manufacturer

When purchasing a batch of shielding covers, the quantity is generally large, so everyone will definitely compare and shop around before purchasing. It is necessary to know the quality of the products produced by the linking company, the company team and company size, etc. is relatively correct. Here we recommend a rel……


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