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Which company is more professional in producing mobile phone shield cover in Dongguan?

Author: Bos Hardware EditorSource:www.bosiwj.comRelease time:2019-07-26-07:50点击率:2381

  Dongguan is known as the "world's factory", bringing together world-renowned mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei and OPPO. The mobile phone industry's shipments are among the best in the world. If the mobile phone shipments are large, the shielding cover must be indispensable. Yes, in order not to interfere with the various components in the mobile phone and to reduce the radiation of the mobile phone, each mobile phone needs a screen cover. So in Dongguan, which company produces more professional mobile phone shields?


Professional shield company introduction:

In Dongguan, when it comes to shielding cover manufacturers, we have to mention our Dongguan Bosi Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd. We are a global manufacturer of hardware molds and customized non-standard parts of precision hardware. Shielding cover is our company's main product, products and services are widely used in computer equipment, communication products, consumer electronics, automobiles, medical electronics, instrumentation and aerospace equipment and other fields.

Over the past 12 years, we have been adhering to the business philosophy of "speed and passion, quality first", and our products have been exported to Europe, the United States, the European Union, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and have been well received by major users. Recently, the advanced CNC micro-proofing machine from Germany has been introduced, which can quickly proofing save mold opening and ensure high product accuracy.


  With such advantages, it is favored by customers at home and abroad, relying entirely on our complete and scientific quality management system. Our sales and production teams have many years of experience in the hardware industry, and have passed ISO9001: 2015, IATF 16949 and The certification of ROSH REACH environmental testing can not only provide customers with high-quality products, good technical support, but also sound after-sales service.



So, which company in Dongguan is more professional in producing mobile phone shields?  http://www.bosiwj.com/in-06.html

It is right to find us Dongguan Bosi Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd. You may click the product center to understand our product technology and advantages first, and then you can also consult online or contact us for further communication.

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