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How to select materials for automotive precision stamping parts?

Author: Bos Hardware EditorSource:www.bosiwj.comRelease time:2019-08-01-07:37点击率:2232

  Automotive precision stamping parts are metal auto parts, some of which are directly used in automobiles and require corresponding process processing to become auto parts. The choice of stamping parts will directly affect the life and quality of parts. The following editor will show you how to select materials for automotive precision stamping parts and recommend a manufacturer of automotive precision stamping parts for your reference.

How to select materials for automotive precision stamping parts

1. Know the types and usage characteristics of stamping parts

Before choosing the raw materials of automobile precision stamping parts, we need to know the type and use characteristics of this stamping part. Only in this way can we choose the appropriate metal material according to its type and use characteristics, which can not only ensure the quality of the product, but also prolong the life of the automobile. The service life of stamping parts increases the efficiency of raw material use.

2. Have a good production process

In addition to selecting according to the type and use characteristics of automobile stamping parts, it is also necessary to choose good process performance. Only in this way can the stamping parts produced have good economic practicability. The price of raw materials for stamping parts with good production technology is relatively medium, and people can easily buy it, unlike some production technology materials whose price is too high, which increases the cost of raw materials for enterprises.

3. Meet the needs of the required process

When choosing raw materials for automotive precision stamping parts, you must know the mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties of mechanical parts in service. For example, when automotive stamping parts are used on frame beams, longitudinal beams, carriages, etc., These parts basically play the role of support, so choose some parts with good load-bearing and large load.

Now in the production process of automobile stamping parts, the cold stamping process is most used, because it meets the needs of the times. The quality of cold stamping materials will directly determine the quality of product performance, the length of service life and the level of cost. Therefore, we must keep in mind the material selection requirements and principles of automobile stamping parts. Only in this way can we make good automobile stamping parts. The weight of automobile stamping parts is relatively light, the dimensional accuracy of the manufactured products is relatively high, the appearance is smooth and beautiful, and there is no need to do too much surface treatment.



Material selection principle of automotive precision stamping parts:

When choosing automotive precision stamping parts processing materials, we not only have to consider the characteristics of automotive stamping types to select metal materials with different mechanical properties. Usually, the following principles should be followed when selecting materials for automotive stamping parts:

1. The selected materials should first meet the performance requirements of auto parts;

2. The selected material should have good process performance;

3. The selected materials should have good economy.

Combining these aspects into consideration, choosing the materials for the processing of automotive precision stamping parts can not only ensure the quality of the workpiece, but also play a role in saving costs.



Recommended by manufacturers of precision stamping parts for automobiles:

Speaking of automotive precision stamping parts manufacturers, here is a strong metal stamping parts manufacturer to recommend to you -- Dongguan Bosi Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd. We are a global manufacturer of hardware molds and customized precision hardware non-standard parts. Passed ISO9001:2015 and ITAF16949 certification.

Among them, IATF is a specialized organization established by the world's major automobile manufacturers and associations in 1996. It has announced the technical specifications of international automobile quality, which are applicable to the supply chain of production parts and service parts of the entire automobile industry. Therefore, the automotive precision stamping parts we produce are certified and recognized by authoritative organizations, which is the confidence guarantee of major users, and our partners are many internationally renowned brands, such as BMW, Ford, Dongfeng Honda, Audi Wait


How to select materials for automotive precision stamping parts and the relevant content recommended by manufacturers are introduced here today. If you are interested in our products from Dongguan Bos Hardware, you may click to consult us online or go to [Precision Stamping Parts] to learn more. Our product introduction

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