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Dongguan BOSI Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd.

German craftsmanship, rapid proofing, non-standard customization, high accuracy

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Are you still in a hurry for your development time?

Fast Proofing Factory for Metal Stamping Parts in the World
Dongguan BOSI provides you with

24 hours delivery, 12 hours expedited, free mold fee

Apply for quick and low-price proofing of shielding cover, battery contact piece, hardware shrapnel (no mold opening).

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Proofing Video Display

Proofing Video Display

Shield Case Proofing

Three-day proofing saves mold opening
12 hours expedited sample
Tolerance up to 0.01mm
Flatness can reach 0.02mm

Connector And Terminals Proofing

Introduce German proofing technology
Worry-free customization of difficult non-standard parts
Machinable thickness is 0.08-0.50mm
Excellent workmanship without burrs

Metal Shrapnel Proofing

Excellent materials far exceed national standards
Life can reach more than 100,000 times
The number of mating cycles is more than 20,000
Anti-oxidation/anti-fatigue/good rigidity/high precision


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