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Types of metal stamping and drawing forming processes and matters needing attention

Nowadays, the use of metal stamping and drawing parts is more and more widely used, not only in industry, but also in life, because its drawing process can produce various shapes, such as cylinder, rectangle, ladder shape, spherical, and even other irregularly shaped thin-walled parts. So do you know what are the proce……


ion chemical heat treatment

Ion chemical heat treatment: A small amount of gas suitable for the purpose of heat treatment is introduced into the furnace (vacuum furnace), and under the action of high-voltage DC electric field, the thin gas discharges and ignites to heat the workpiece. At the same time, the elements to be penetrated are dissociate……


Laser heat treatment

Laser heat treating (laser heat treating) is abbreviated as LHT, also known as laser quenching or laser phase transformation hardening. It scans the workpiece quickly with a high-energy laser beam, so that the surface temperature of the irradiated metal or alloy rises above the phase transition point at an extremely fa……


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